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Kirsten expertly guided my through the process of selling my home in an expedient way at the right time.  Using a skilled photographer, she presented the home in its most favorable way, showing off its most prominent features and views of the Wood River Valley.  I should also mention that Kirsten was very motivated and I could trust her in selling the house.  Furthermore she went over and beyond the call of duty to assist me during the selling process and the final phases of closing.

~ Johanna

Your Biggest Asset

You stay up to date on the values of your other investments like stocks, mutual funds and RRSPs, you check your statements to see if they’ve gone up or down in value. Yet most homeowners guess when it comes to the value of their home.

Get regular accurate updates of ALL your assets, including your biggest one – YOUR HOME

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Many homeowners go online and look at the prices of homes in their area to see what their own could be worth. But asking prices are very different from sale prices. Similar homes often sell at very different prices. Looking at your own home objectively the way a buyer does is difficult for the owner. A professional Comparative Market Analysis will objectively analyse the sale prices (not the asking prices) to determine the accurate market value of your home.

You could be losing tens of thousands of dollars by guessing your home’s value

  • Recent sale prices of homes similar to yours in your area
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Yes it’s 100% free and there is absolutely no obligation. We provide this information as a completely free service that buyers, sellers and investors find useful¬†in their real estate decisions.¬†It can be difficult to get relevant information when looking to buy, sell or invest in a home. Many buyers and sellers appreciate our no-pressure approach and the information we provide to them and choose to¬†contact us¬†when they are ready to buy or sell.

Your report will be created by Kirsten DeHart and her team of real estate brokers at Wood River Properties in Ketchum, ID.

Absolutely not!¬†We hate spam too and will never share your information with anyone. We take our clients’ privacy seriously and keep your information strictly confidential. As licensed real estate brokers we are governed under the rules and regulations of the OACIQ. You will receive a simple PDF report sent to your email from us directly. If there is some missing information required to complete your report, we may contact you to get more information.¬†You can also¬†contact us¬†directly anytime with more information or to make changes.

Yes. The bank will send out a licensed evaluator who will look at the technical aspects of your home to determine how much money the bank can lend you on your home. While these are useful technical documents, we focus on what buyers are actually paying for homes similar to yours in the market. You could consider a bank evaluation a technical document that informs the bank and a comparative market analysis a report that informs you about what your home should sell for.

Yes most websites provide the asking price of homes however they are prohibited from providing the sale price of homes. Licensed real estate brokers may provide sale prices to our clients. You cannot establish an accurate value for your home based on asking price. Sellers may ask whatever price they want, its only what a buyer is willing to pay that determines what its worth. Also a professional real estate broker is trained in objectively evaluating the true market value of homes based on comparable home sales.

Absolutely. You might be months away from being ready to putting your home up for sale, and may only be considering that option. Knowing what your home is worth is important information that responsible homeowners should verify annually. As your biggest asset you should get regular updates on what your home is worth. We provide annual updates as a FREE service to homeowners. Many homeowners appreciate the information we provide and choose to contact us when they are ready to buy or sell.

Yes we can provide accurate values for condos, homes, smaller duplexes, triplex and multiplexes and other real estate. For larger apartment buildings and commercial buildings, please contact us to get started.

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